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The Best of The MG-1.1 Air bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm New Special Edition

The Best of The MG-1.1 Air bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm New Special Edition

The Best of The MG-1.1 Air bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm New Special Edition
Up for sale are new Special version accurate balanced, detailed refined air bearing of the latest model of low air pressure air bearing-designed Advanced Analog MG- 1 MK1SP Linear Tracking Tone arms. The MG-1 air bearing linear tracking tonearm is unique because it uses precision build with clear anode 6061 aluminum air beam and float sleeve to ensure the accuracy of air rail quality of construction and further to reduce the arm resonance to ensure the quality of play back as well. The detachable head-shell was made by non-resonance fiber composite. Its high rigidity and reliable construction quality is easy to maintain the cartridge and Azimuth adjustment. If you own more cartridges than just one, you may order the optional extra slide arm wand for your second or third.

Cartridges have quick and convenient cartridge-changes and complete set up well within just 30 SECONDS. Most advanced newly design Digital Read Out feature has provide the MG-1 has convenient adjustment for each cartridge to get its perfect V. This function also gives you a readable quantification on your VTA adjustment at barely minimum at 0.0005(0.01mm). Can be adjusted by simply turning a knob. You can actually listen to the difference tracking angle makes and compare immediately.

You can actually make the changes while an LP is in play if your hand is steady. Computer Numerical Control milled solid 6061 aluminum with beautiful jet sand fogged surface plus black anode process V.

Process provides a high quality construction and reaches the requirement of the industrial. It provides a wide range of V.

This feature will ensure the MG-1 to have the most stable. High rigid non resonance carbon fiber composite bound a 7075 aluminum core arm tube with newly design fiber composite heads-hell. Its strong and high rigidity structure benefited fast reaction response on tracking ability.

And provide a detailed with airy tone on full frequency of play back. Adjust construct for quick and accurate V. This design also features an custom extra add on weight for suit varied cartridge weight. Reliable arm rest build by black anode processed 7075 aluminum construction.

It Provide a certain distance to ensure your cartridge is well parked and that it is safe when replacing vinyl. There's only one 1/4 drill required for install MG-1. The total installation period will not be over 15 minutes. It also contains 3 ease of level adjust cone screw to ensure the required absolute level position. All these features make MG-1 MK1 air bearing linear tracking tonearm to reach the highest performance on records play back. And it provides a varied cartridge adjustment with convenience. Be sure to add me to your favorites list. Low mass slide arm tube for only 26 gram without cartridge and counter weight.

Carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 aluminum (0.005) core arm tube. Low air pressure operation: (minimum requirement: 2 PSI with 15 LPM). Continuous VTA adjustment (range around 35MM/1.4).

Accurate counter weight adjustment with a single add on weight screw for optimum performance with most cartridges. Standard VTA Digital Read Out (DRO) kit. Optional slide arm tube at extra cost , for a quick convenient cartridge change within 30 seconds. Optional damping trough (see NOTE 1). NOTE 1: A damping trough can or likely will cause damage to your cartridge when used improperly by an individual without proper experience and expertise with these products. The price does not include a necessary pump. Physical damage to the tone arm is not covered. The MG-1 is a hi tech air-bearing tone arm, and should operated by someone personally familiar with this type of equipment to avoid irrevocable damage. NOTE 7: The cartridge shown in the photos IS NOT included. If there is no indication whether something is included. Please do not assume it is.

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  • Brand: Advanced Analog Audio Lab
  • Model: MG-1 MK1
  • Drive Type: Air Bearing
  • Speed Settings: 33.3 RPM
  • Audio Outputs: Stereo L/R RCA
  • Record Speed: 33.3, 45 and 78 RPM

The Best of The MG-1.1 Air bearing Linear Tracking Tonearm New Special Edition