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DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition New Colours MTB BMX DH Trails

DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition New Colours MTB BMX DH Trails

DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition New Colours MTB BMX DH Trails
Computers + Heart Rate Monitor. Handlebars - Aero Clip on. Inner Tubes - BMX 20. Inner Tubes - MTB 26"/24"/29er.

Inner Tubes - Road 700/650. Luggage - Bike Bags & Holdalls.

Pedals - Cleats / Spares. Tyres - MTB Folding 26" + 24". Tyres - MTB Folding 27.5/650B. Tyres - MTB Folding 29. Tyres - MTB Rigid 26" + 24". Tyres - MTB Rigid 27.5/650B.

Tyres - MTB Rigid 29. Tyres - Road Tubular Spares. DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition New Colours. DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Speical Edition Colours.

Out of our base in the British countryside, DMR Bikes has been designing and creating some of the best Mountain Bikes, dirt jump bikes, pedals, frames and components for over 20 years. From the iconic V12 pedal to the legendary Trailstar, our team of riders and designers continue to work with some of the sports biggest names to create products that will endure the riding we all know, do, and love. DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition Colours. The DMR Vault pedal is a tuneable MTB flat pedal designed specifically for riders who want a bigger platform.

Equally at home on an all mountain or downhill setups, the DMR Vault pedal offers great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails. LIGHT - 430g per pair. SLIM - 17mm concave foot bed. TOUGH - Extruded 6061 Aluminium and 4140 Cro-mo Steel axles (9/16). TUNEABLE - 11 pins per pedal.

Flip the pins to fine-tune the grip. SERVICEABLE - High load DU bush and cartridge bearing. 105mm x 105mm Platform area.

NB Torque setting at the Axle to Crank, for all the DMR Bikes pedal range, is 40 - 55Nm. New Colours: Liquid Camo and Liquid Grey.

Even when things get squirrely, no matter what angle your foot goes onto the pedal there's plenty of surface area to grip onto. They work well with today's ultra-low bottom bracket heights too thanks to their low-profile design, which makes clipping the deck less likely.

The fact that those two riders sit at the top of the DH and freeride worlds more than attests to the Vaults' gravity credentials. Their (low) weight makes them a great option for the trail rider intent on hanging the back end out on a Sunday afternoon as well.

They'll comfortably outlast the vast majority of the competition and are fully worth the investment. Sprockets Ltd has been trading since March 2003 and is run by riders, for riders. Our intention is to offer the best service and answer all your technical questions as soon as possible. Our feedback is important to us. Please leave feedback for us!

If your item/s fail to arrive within a few days, please contact your local postal sorting office first as they may be holding it there. We warrantee and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing.

We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that any item choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use. We will not accept any responsibility for items lost or damaged during return transit. DMR Vault Mag Pedals In Black For MTB BMX Downhill Trails. DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal All Colours For MTB BMX Downhill Trails.

Wellgo M21 - 9/16'' ATB Alloy Pedal - Black or Silver. Shimano Saint PD-M821 SPD Dual Sides Downhill Pedals. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

DMR Vault Flat MTB Trail Pedal Special Edition New Colours MTB BMX DH Trails