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Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition

Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition
Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition
Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition
Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition

Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition

Expanded memory and internal storage complete with MPC Instrument Collection. This special edition version of the now classic MPC X features a range of upgrades and enhancements designed to optimise your workflow and expand your composition capabilities.

The internal storage has been tripled from 16GB to a whopping 48GB; giving you more than enough space to install and utilise your favourite sound libraries/virtual instruments. At the heart of the MPC X SE is a quad-core processor complete with 4GB of RAM for high-speed load times and enhanced sampling capabilities. If that wasn't enough; the MPC X SE comes complete with the MPC Instrument Collection which spans everything from classic analog emulations to cutting-edge synthesizers. Worth over 500 GBP when bought by itself; the MPC Instrument Collection features over 5GB of content comprised of six plugin packages.

MPC Software 2.10 update - new plugins, deeper integration and much more. This huge new update for the MPC software includes 19 new plugins, new effects, USB audio interface support, drum and keygroup engine updates and a variety of workflow enhancements. Further cementing its place as a production powerhouse, the new MPC update unlocks premium-quality virtual instruments, versatile editing possibilities, vocal processing and much more. The new AIR Vocal Insert Effects Suite gives you the power to record and mix industry-grade vocals directly to the MPC.

This collection of modern vocal production tools includes pitch correction effects perfect for RnB, Rap and Pop music. The AIR effects library has also been expanded with seven new additions including AIR Stutter and Granulator. Expand your sound library with four new instrument plugins, complete with stunning presets that will inspire. The new instrument plugins include AIR Hype AIR Mellotron, AIR Solina and WayOutWare Odyssey. The plugins span everything from cutting-edge synthesis to classic emulations of legendary synths.

The instruments feature powerful interactive sound engines complete with built-in processing and in-depth controls. Music production has never been so streamlined thanks to the new workflow enhancements and engine updates. The new refined "Recursive Search" goes in-depth when it comes to searching for your samples. With Key Detection technology, the MPC will detect the key of your sample automatically.

You can also search through your MPC Plugin Instruments presets directly from File, Media and TUI browsers. You can also create and save custom effects chains, providing quick access to your favourite processing tools.

The Akai MPC X Standalone Production Machine delivers the ultimate production solution in a standalone unit, eliminating the need for a computer. The compact design also makes the MPC X highly portable, allowing you to take your unit anywhere you go, ideal for live performances and collaborations. The large 10.1 multi-touch screen displays all the information you need and becomes the keystone of your production experience, allowing you to easily navigate through files and make edits on the fly. It also comes pre-loaded with over 10GB of premium sound content created by the world's most renowned sound designers including Loopmasters, CR2, Capsun Pro Audio and more. The heart of the MPC X is natively powered by the MPC Software 2.3, allowing you to run the MPC standalone, as well as being able to use the MPC X in conjunction with your favourite DAW for controlling parameters and more. The MPC X SE features a wide variety of high-quality controls, allowing you to use and control every aspect of the MPC Software 2.0. The MPC Sampler features 16 ultra-responsive velocity-sensitive RGB pads which are ideal for finger-drumming as well as triggering samples such as melodies and vocals.

The RGB pads are also lit up from the back, perfect for low-light environments from studios to live club performances. Versatile performance controls 16 touch-capacitive Q-Link pot controls with OLED displays are fully assignable allowing you to precisely automate individual parameters, adding subtle nuances to your productions and performances. A total 66 buttons allow you to directly access and control all aspects of the MPC Software. The MPC X SE's high-definition screen helps to optimise your workflow, allowing you to easily access every parameter you need with ease. The MPC Software 2.0 features a built-in step sequencer, recording capabilities, sequencing and audio/MIDI editing, as well as XY FX that can be controlled using the dedicated hardware controls.

The Akai MPC X Special Edition Standalone Production Machine features a wide range of versatile connectivity, including both analog and digital connections. One of the most unique inputs this MPC boasts is the XLR / ΒΌ'' Combo inputs with built-in Phantom Power. This allows you to connect studio-grade microphones for capturing high-quality recordings, perfect for sampling vocals as well as percussive elements for sampling.

The four selectable inputs in total include two instrument-level jacks as well as a turntable RCA input with a ground peg for sampling capabilities. The MPC X also boasts an SD card slot for loading samples and projects as well as dual USB-A 3.0 slots for flash drives and MIDI controllers.

Expand your memory using the 2.5'' SATA drive connector, allowing you to connect either the SSD or HDD hard drive. The MPC X includes eight CV/Gate outputs and a custom CV program which can be configured using the touch-screen display. This gives you unprecedented control of your modular gear and CV-compatible synthesizer via MPC X SE's premium hardware controls for exceptional sequencing functionality.

Forever wanting to improve upon their products, Akai regularly pushes boundaries. In update V2.5, Akai became the first company to integrate the world-famous Splice software over WiFi to the MPC Live, MPC X, and Akai Force.

All you need is a strong WiFi connection, and you can download and browse your Splice sample library, directly on your device in standalone mode. This huge update gives you access to literally millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, presets, loops, and one-shots, covering every musical style imaginable.

Never has it been this easy to access that sample you have had stuck in your head, that loop you need to elevate and complete your mix, or even just that sample you audition, but don't even use because it takes you on a different path entirely. For more information, see the Akai MPC 2.5 - Release Notes PDF above. The new Auto-Sample feature will allow you to sample any synthesizer preset or VST Plugin preset and turn it into a keygroup program on the MPC.

The'Auto-Sample' feature offers a -C2 to G8 octave range and up to four velocity layers. So you can layer textures and build the song you want. You can also edit the note stride, note length, tail length, and loop time.

Capture your chosen sounds accurately and without any kind of unwanted digital artifacts. Once these sounds have been captured, they can be saved into your MPC as a preset and integrated into your set. Standalone production machine - no computer required. Expanded memory and internal storage. 4GB of RAM for rapid-fire recording and sampling capabilities.

Internal storage tripled - now 48GB of internal storage. MPC Plugin instrument Collection - over 5GB of content with six plugin packages. 10.1-inch multi-gesture touchscreen display for navigating settings and sounds.

16 classic MPC RGB backlit pads for finger-drumming, sample triggering and more. 16 touch-capacitive Q-Link knobs with OLED screens. Four selectable inputs with switchable phantom power for use with studio mics. Eight outputs including turntable RCA input for sampling.

Works as a control surface for MPC 2 software (included for PC and Mac). (16) velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, RGB-backlit. (8) banks accessible via Pad Bank buttons. (16) 360-degree touch-sensitive Q-Link knobs for parameter adjustment (1) 360-degree encoder for display navigation and selection via push.

(7) 270 degree knobs for gain, mix & level adjustment. 10.1 / 257 mm (diagonal).

8.5" x 5.5" / 216 x 139 mm (width x height). Full-colour LED-backlit display with touch interface. Storage: 48 GB (over 16 GB available for user storage). Power: via power adapter (19 V, 3.42 A, center-positive, included). (2) XLR+1/4 (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (Input 1/2).

(2) 1/4 (6.35 mm) TRS inputs (Input 3/4: 1 stereo pair). (2) 1/4 (6.35 mm) TS instrument inputs (Inst 1/2).

(2) RCA inputs (Input 3/4: 1 stereo pair, phono- or line-level). (2) 1/4 (6.35 mm) TS footswitch inputs (FS 1/2). (2) 5-pin MIDI inputs (8) 1/4 (6.35 mm) TRS outputs (Main L/R, Outputs 3/4-7/8: 4 stereo pairs).

(8) 1/8 (3.5 mm) CV/Gate outputs. (1) 1/4 (6.35 mm) stereo headphone output. (1) 1/8 (3.5 mm) stereo headphone output. (2) USB Type-A ports (1) USB Type-B port. (1) SD card slot (1) power adapter input.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 19.9" x 16.7" x 3.4" / 50.5 x 42.4 x 8.7 cm (display flat) 19.9" x 15.3" x 8.4" / 50.5 x 38.8 x 21.4 cm (display upright). Weight: 5.66 kg 12.57 lbs.
Akai Professional MPC X SE Special Edition